10 Checks before hiring a roofer

Hiring A roofer

Hiring a trusted roofer

Whether you are looking for roof repair, maintenance or a roof replacement; it helps to have some expert advice to guide you through the decision.

We compiled a list of useful tips when hiring a roofer:

The Checklist


Online reviews or testimonials can be an excellent way to start this search. Traditionally a reputable roofing company has at least tens of good reviews to showcase and few bad ones – no one is perfect. In fact, if it is all perfect that can be a red flag sometimes, while it is rare today to be able to cheat common review sites, loopholes exist.

Get more than one quote

We recommend and encourage you to get at least three estimates from reputable companies so that you are able to compare the value associated with cost.

Don't go for the lowest bid!

Don’t choose a bid based on low price. It is seldom, if ever that the lowest price proves to be the best value. The costs of operating a legitimate business, paying taxes, and “playing by the rules” is similar for established and proven contractors. Materials and labor costs are generally similar in established industries.

Dramatic differences between contractor bids usually result from one or a combination of the following:

  • Inaccurate measuring or evaluation of the scope of work (error)
  • A difference in the actual work being provided (materials, methodology, etc.)
  • Not providing for a fair and reasonable profit on the project. (This is important to the sustainability of the company you may hire. The number one reason contractors go out of business is because they don’t charge the correct price to accurately cover their operating costs. This can translate into the customer being left stuck.

Always allow bidders the ability to explain their proposals. This will help to identify differences between bids. The consumer will generally then receive the best value for investment based on making an educated decision.

The Better Business Bureau

Check with the Better Business Bureau and read any complaints that have been lodged and what the outcomes were.

Work Schedule

Ask for the scheduled start date and estimated end date, and what the contractor will do to protect your property during the demolition and reconstruction phases of your project.


Always check who will be doing your roof. Some contracting companies use sub-contractors as well as “ in-house” crews. As a homeowner, you have a right to know what qualifications and training they have and if they meet the exact criteria and expectations you had when contacting the parent company.

WCB and Liability Insurance

In the event of a workplace accident, you need to be sure that the company has all of the proper liability coverage and that their Workers Compensation Account is up to date and currently active. Ask for a copy of the companies certificate of insurance and you as a homeowner have the right to pull a WCB Clearance on the company.


All Contractors are required to adhere to and follow the Occupational Health and Safety Act Code and Regulations while performing their duties, and to develop a proper health and safety manual for all of their employee’s regardless of them being subcontractors or in-house crews. Ask to see the manual.

Get professional advice
An educated customer makes the right decisions and will be fully satisfied with his or her decision. An educated guess might not land the same results. However, there is so much research one can make without getting a bit lost. Making the right decision doesn’t need to be a headache.
If contacting us, you will not find “Sales People “,  instead you will find roofing educators, that can provide you with relevant information and at least point you to the right direction. Give us a call, talk to us about your project and do not hesitate to ask any questions.
Before making a decision
Once all information is gathered and you have completed all of your research and homework, had a chance to review the potential contractors’ information and references, take a day or two to let it all sit in. Make sure that any questions that may not have popped up while we were out on site during the free estimate have been jotted down.
We are a phone a call away, we will be happy to assist in any way that we can!


Fly-by-night Contractors

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