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The importance of roof snow removal

Snow sitting on anything is usually bad, whether this is you, your car, lawn, road, sidewalk it tends to create a problem. This is no exception when it comes to your roof. There are a number of reasons why snow should be removed from sitting on the roofs. From ice damming to increased stress on your roof structure, it is best to clear it off as soon as possible.

During the winter season, it is important not to let snow accumulate on your roof. Too much snow on a roof can be dangerous for bystanders and inhabitants of the house or building. This is especially true for Calgary where Chinooks can cause flash thaws that can result in leaks and other unpleasant issues.

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Don't wait until it is too late

It is difficult to precisely identify the ideal moment to clear snow off the roofs. However, it is best to adopt a preventive approach and remove it every time it significantly accumulates.  There are signs that can help us identify when it is too late and the snow on your roof has already created damage. For example, If you notice a foul odor inside your home, if you have trouble opening and closing a door because of unusual pressure, or if you hear cracking sounds from your foundation.

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