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We like to share our best tips and advice with our neighbors here in Calgary. We know that an educated customer will make good and timely decisions concerning renovations for the house. The Elite Home and Roof Guide is a practical guide for home and business owners in Calgary and Southern Alberta.

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The Elite Home and Roof Guide

Roof Insurance Claims

All you need to know about roof insurance claims, types of insurance, how and why these claims may be denied and more

Your Roof Health

One of the most common asked question to which the response might be much easier if you truly know what is it you asking for and what you truly want for your property

To repair or replace?

The most common question our roofing consultants get. After this article you will feel more confident about your decision, enjoy!

Hiring A Roofer

The dos and donts of hiring your next roofing contractor.

Frecuently Asked Questions

The most common questions by homeowners to roofing professionals in Calgary and Southern Alberta.

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