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Red Seal Technician
Red Seal Roofers

Our Roofing Technicians have the best training in the industry to guarantee you peace of mind.

HAAG Certified Roofers
HAAG Certified

We adhere to the strictest and best practices. Every project starts with a certified inspection of your roof.

BBB Calgary
A+ Rating

We have the highest rating for a Roofing Contractor from the Better Business Bureau.

Elite Warranty
ELITE Warranty

Exclusive 5-year Elite Workmanship Warranty on all of our projects.

It starts with a professional inspection

If you have that “gut” feeling that something is amiss up on your roof, chances are you are right. It is time for a professional to inspect your roof before booking your roof repair or full roof replacement. Don’t pay additional expenses, delaying a repair can cost you a lot more in the future.

We have decades of experience under our belt when it comes to roof inspections. Only HAAG Residential Inspectors will inspect your roof which guarantees you an expert eye that will provide you with the best advice.

Regular roof repair and maintenance are a healthy routine of keeping your home safe and your roof investment in top conditions. delaying essential roof service or leaving a damaged shingle can eventually cause more damage to the house.

Roof Inspection

Roof repair services

After inspection, our certified roofing specialist will advise you if a roof repair service is recommended. Whether service is recommended or not is subject to the results of the professional assessment.

Our roof inspectors begin with an eye inspection and then follow with more detailed questions. Some of the most common questions our roofing specialist will ask are:

  • Has your roof experienced wind or hail Damage?
  • Have shingles lifted away or curled down on the roof?
  • Is the roof product at the end of its life?
  • Can you see bare wood where you should not be able to?

If the answer was yes to any of these questions, it is likely needed to book that roof repair service. Our Roofing Specialists will be more than happy to assist you with any questions or project ideas you might have.

Roof Repair Technician

The waiting game

Your roof requires proper care and a trained professional should be called upon to assist you. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon that we see roofs in conditions that are beyond repairable.

For example, once water penetrates your roof deck and finds its way inside the repair cost can triple because you are now probably looking at replacing your roof structure as well. In this case, an inspection call when the problem was first suspected or noticed would have saved a lot of money.

If you suspect roof damage we recommend you not to gamble with time. A quick roof inspection can end up being the most sensible solution.

The Elite Warranty

Our Elite Workmanship Warranty is what separates us from the rest of the competition in the industry today. Why gamble on safety? Do not take chances when it comes to your roof – that is why our workmanship warranty is tailored towards the specific needs of your home.

Calgary Elite Roofing is the right answer to any exterior project you may need for your home. Protect your home with a proper Roofing Specialist, for better value and quality service call on our Elite Team today.

Elite Warranty