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Recognized as Volunteer of the Year by the Calgary Chamber of Commerce for 2023.
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Giving back

We believe that a strong community is a key to a good and healthy local economy, this is one of the many reasons that we like to give back as much as we can. Whether it is in a donation or volunteering our labor.

Some of the organizations we support and sponsor:

Team Ector
Little League Alberta
Hearts and Hammers Alberta
Scouts Canada
Kind Calgarian
Terminator Foundation
Hope Mission

One nail at a time

Volunteering, giving, receiving, are the foundations of a healthy community. Whether you call it Karma, God’s will, or just good values – volunteering and donating keep our community committed to each other and strengthens the fabric of our city.

If you know of an organization or program that does good local work, we would love to hear about them and would like you to pitch their name and work to us!

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