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Turbo-Set Polyglass Roofing

Turbo-Set Commercial Roofing

Developed by Polyglass U.S.A, Inc., Turbo-Set is a breakthrough technology that allows roofing contractors to accelerate roof coating installation time while reducing labor cost. This means a shorter delivery time at a lower cost to you!

Red Seal Technician
Red Seal Roofers

Our Roofing Technicians have the best training in the industry to guarantee you peace of mind.

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HAAG Certified

We adhere to the strictest and best practices. Every project starts with a certified inspection of your commercial roof.

BBB Calgary
A+ Rating

We have the highest rating for a Roofing Contractor from the Better Business Bureau.

Elite Warranty
ELITE Warranty

Exclusive 5-year Elite Workmanship Warranty on all of our projects.


Calgary’s Commercial Roofing Specialists

Calgary Elite Roofing specializes in the installation, repair and maintenance of various commercial roofing systems. We are pleased to supply abundant references of our work for the benefit of homeowners, property managers, condominium corporations, corporate clients, institutional customers, hi-rise and individual building owners.

Flat Roofing

Your investment in a waterproofing system should be based on selecting flat roofs which is designed to be the best over the entire life-cycle of the assembly (typically 20 plus years). The key to keeping replacement costs down and extending the life of your commercial roof is to provide for periodic maintenance, especially on commercial roofing systems. This is true to all applications and types of commercial roofs.

Calgary elite Roofing has provided professional installations to hundreds of commercial clients accross Southern Alberta. When quality and performance matter, Calgary elite Roofing is a preferred choice as a highly credentialed and experienced roofer in Southern Alberta.

Roof Inspection

Our commercial roofing service includes:

  • Visual roof inspection
  • Destructive and non-destructive testing
  • Written inspection reports/documentation
  • Client consultations
  • Repairs to all commercial roofing systems
  • Roof replacement in alignment with manufacturer specifications
  • Maintenance evaluation/programs
  • Sheet metal work

For over  years Calgary and Southern Alberta building owners, facility managers, roof consultants and engineers have trusted Calgary Elite Roofing to complete thousands of repair and replacement projects.

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We take care of you right from the moment we step into your property and take a look at that roof. Our insurance managament experts will take care of all the hassle and paperwork and find you the best solution both in terms of policy and results.

Roof Repair Technician

The Elite Advantage:

  • Honest and earnest appraisals of your roofing portfolio
  • Options tailored to your budget, by providing solutions where possible to extend the life of your existing roof
  • Leak tracking and mitigation services
  • Budget reporting/inspection reporting designed to educate our clients on their best solutions
  • Competent repair work
  • Installation of flat roofing assemblies in alignment with manufacturer standards
  • Courteous, knowledgeable and trained technicians, and journeypersons
  • Warranties and related service you can rely on
  • A dedicated warranty department
  • Abundant testimonials and reviews
  • Financial stability

Our courteous and experienced representatives are trained to evaluate and provide our clients with cost-effective solutions for correcting existing leaks, roof replacement and maintenance solutions designed to extend the life of your flat roof investment.

Thank you for choosing Calgary Elite Roofing for your next commercial roofing project!