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Replacing your old roof

Understanding the need for a roof replacement, rather than merely fixing it, can be a daunting decision. Selecting the appropriate roofing material for your home, and ensuring it's both aesthetic and durable, is another significant aspect to consider. Trusting a contractor with such a vital task can also bring its own set of concerns. Undeniably, navigating these challenges on your own can be overwhelming. However, with proper guidance and detailed research, this process can transform from an arduous task into a seamless home improvement project.

Empowering homeowners

Our core philosophy rests on the premise that an educated homeowner is an empowered homeowner. We firmly believe that when provided with accurate and dependable information, homeowners can confidently make well-informed decisions about their homes.

This commitment to educating our clients forms the cornerstone of our approach to business. Our aim is to ensure that every homeowner we work with has a comprehensive understanding of the options available to them, the potential costs and benefits of different choices, and the factors that should influence their decisions.

Roof Replacement in Calgary

Choosing the right roof replacement contractor

We at Calgary Elite Roofing adhere to a simple yet stringent rule: to always provide excellent customer service and meet our customers' expectations with full transparency. This means clearly outlining what can be done, how it will be done, and ensuring all work is carried out with the utmost integrity. Our aim is to always do right by our customers.

To achieve this, we invest in continuous training and education for our roofing technicians. This commitment enables us to ensure the highest quality of workmanship and maintain a safe work environment.

The Impact of a new roof on your home value

Purchasing a home is typically the most significant investment a family will make in their lifetime, making it essential to preserve its value. One vital and noticeable feature of your house is its roof. Therefore, when the time comes to replace your roof, it's crucial to give it the careful consideration it deserves.

Your choice of a roofing contractor for a roof replacement should not be decided solely on the basis of the lowest bid. In many cases, a lower bid can indicate the use of substandard materials, inadequately trained roofers, or worse, it could even be a scam. It's essential to make a well-informed decision, as this is not just about your roof, but about protecting the value of your entire home.

Before hiring a roofing contractor it is very important to know what to expect and have a very clear idea of what the steps of the project will be. At Calgary Elite Roofing you can expect the following:


New Roof Installation

After making the important decision to invest in a new roof, choosing a reputable roofing contractor becomes your next crucial step. It's imperative that this professional is not only renowned for their work but also displays an understanding of your personal needs, concerns, and expectations. The roofing contractor you choose should treat your home with the respect it deserves, and genuinely value the safety and comfort of your family. A good place to start would be a search at Better Business Bureau in Calgary.

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Smile, you are getting a new look!

The first step in choosing how you should be replacing your roof is what you want to replace it with and how you want your roof to look. It is good to have some background information about the available products and building styles that are out there, keep scrolling down now comes the fun part!

First, we will remove the old roof, inspect for any existing damage to the structure and assess if additional steps need to be taken before replacing your old roof. Take a look a the video to get an idea of how this stage looks

Secondly comes installing your new roof shingles or roof type for your new design or needs. Browse the different options below and learn more about each shingle and roof type.


Rubber Shingle Roof


Eco-friendly, attractive and durable. Perfect for Calgary's extreme weather such as hail and strong wind gusts, one of our best options.



Our newest addition, the polymer shingle is a great choice for a weather-resistant roof that is versatile and offers a good range of style and colour options

Cedar Shake


Timeless elegance and natural beauty take form in our cedar shingles. The look is natural and blends nicely with the views of the Rockies or trees.

Clay tile


Classic beauty, durability, and much more. Be amazed by the possibilities of this traditional roofing option

Asphalt roof shingle


Budget and enviroment friendly, no wonder asphalt is still a popular option. The industry has evolved a lot and upgraded this popular shingle

Concrete Tile


Few materials will withstand the test of time like concrete shingles. Sturdy and resistant this remains a popular option for those looking for the long term.

Commercial Flat Roof


Flat roofing, usually reserved for commercial spaces has taken off on new home designs and is growing in popularity, find out why ...

FAQ Roof Replacement

The short answer is definitely not.

At CER we are firm advocates for doing the job properly and ensuring that the project is completed without any potential for old problems coming back. This is often the reason why replacing the roof is necessary, because of an existing problem that the old roof system is not covering.

The best practice is to remove the old roof, inspect the roof substrate and then ensure the structural integrity of the system such as rotten areas product of water penetration. Keeping an old roof will not only compromise the installation of the new one but could further create new issues of water penetration and mold or exacerbate existing ones.

Therefore both for aesthetic and safety reasons re-roofing over an existing roof is never a good idea.

The southern exposure to the sun is one of the largest factors in the aging process of your roof.

That is the main reason we run a maintenance program for our clients. Once your new roof is done, it is important to maintain it over the years in order to prevent unnecessary wear and tear.

Much like the maintenance that you are required to perform on your car, a roof needs it too as it is continually being subjected to the outside weather.

This depends on the condition and the age of the roof, the maintenance or lack of maintenance done to the shingles and structure.

For example, In instances where no regular maintenance has been performed on your roof ad the leak has propagated throught causing the sheathing for example to rot, it may indeed be time for an entire roof replacement.

It is always best to have at least one trained and HAAG Certified professional give his / her opinion before reaching any conclusions

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