Clay tile roof, a timeless choice.

When selecting roofing options, more and more people are turning to clay tiles for their quality, durability, long life, and varied styles. Clay tiles have many advantages and just might be the right choice for your next roofing project.

Give your home that Mediterranean or Baja type of look you always dreamed of with our variety of clay tiles and designs that are sure to match your taste and building features of your home. Our complete roof-system comes with all matched roof-system accessories.

Our clay tiles are extremely robust and can withstand most of Calgary’s weather conditions. The systems and accessories, both on and under the roof, protect the building structure and contributes to the building’s long-term value and performance.

Exclusive advantage

Every single component fits together properly to ensure the scheduled completion of your dream house – without loss of time and at no additional costs and peace of mind:

  • Quality clay products
  • Complete pre and post safety inspections
  • Cost-efficient installation
  • Exclusive Elite Warranty
Clay Tile Roof

Popular Clay Tile Options

Classic Red

Classic Red Clay Tile

Short Description:

This one is the classic, timeless clay roof tile. It gives any home or building a charming Mediterranean look that can looks great on residential or commercial projects.

El Camino

El Camino Clay tile

Short Description:

This popular clay tile will give any home touch of Baja California. Like the name ‘El Camino’ this is a great choice for those who like to bring a little of Mexico home to Southern Alberta.


Black Clay tile

Short Description:

The classic black clay roof suits really well any home that is looking to get a more executive and urban feel to it. With the right exteriors selection, this roof style will get you standing out from the crowd.

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Clay Tiled House Roof