The future of roofing seems to have arrived earlier than many had predicted. There have been many innovations in the roofing industry over the last decade, most of these have been focused on reducing the carbon footprint of roofing products, chiefly the use of recycled tires in rubber roofing or recycled asphalt shingles for asphalt roofing. However the big game changer will no doubt be Tesla’s Solar Roof.

What is a Solar Roof?

A solar roof is made of tiles that are composed of a resistant glass layer, some films and then solar cells. Sun shines on the tiles, through the glass and the films, and through to the underlying solar cell, which converts the light into electricity. Essentially turning your roof into your home’s main power supply and thus reducing your energy bills and perhaps even turning your roof into a cash maker.

But besides the obvious advantage of your roof supplying your house free electricity there are many other benefits this type of roof will provide that can be of equal importance to many homeowners:


According to Elon Musk ( Tesla’s CEO ) “The new Solar roof will look better than your current roof”. Tesla’s new solar film will not only efficiently convert sunlight into electricity, but also appear a different color and tonality when viewed from the street. This will be possible thanks to tiny louvers in the film can make the tile appear to the desired choice of color or tone. The film works in a similar manner to a privacy film that goes on computer screen which blocks viewing from anyone looking from the side.

The choice of colors and tones will be very diverse and will allow more custom customization than the current selection available for asphalt and rubber roofing options for example.


The new roofing shingles will be considerably lighter and easier to ship than most current options ( about 20% ) which will make it easier to transport and install, thus reducing the time spent in replacing a roof by your contractor.

The materials used in this new roof system are also expected to be more resistant, thus reducing breakage and lowering the overall costs for installers. there is no official mention yet of the actual cost of the product, but factored in this quality will definitely make things cheaper for roofing contractors. Furthermore the new solar roof is expected to last twice as long as current roofing materials.


The new roof material will be made of tempered glass and other resistant polymers.

Tesla created an automotive glass technology group. The result of the company’s first glass innovations are being used on Tesla’s upcoming electric car the Model 3, which is supposed to come out in late 2017.  The same cut edge technology will be used for the new roof tiles. Musk said that the solar roof tile could potentially use “a lot of techniques from the automotive glass business.”

The results would be a roof tile that is far more resistant and is expected to last twice as long as the current average roof products. Musk noted that the main ‘high volume’ tempered glass component of the roof is “very cheap and very resilient”

“So the basic proposition will be: Would you like a roof that looks better than a normal roof, lasts twice as long, costs less and—by the way—generates electricity?” Musk asked. “Why would you get anything else?”

Calgary Elite Roofing will be offering roof replacement services when the product becomes available in Canada ( bookmark this post and stay tuned! )