About the Roof Guide

The roof guide is a short but practical guide of articles related to Roofing. Our goal is to arm you with as much advise possible on your journey in selecting a roofing contractor or exteriors contractor for you next roof repair or replacement.

We at Calgary Elite Roofing know that an educated customer is a happy customer. A customer that has done proper research, is also a customer that is likely to make the best decision. It is simple, the more you educate yourself on any given topic, the more you can form your own opinions about it and the more likely is for you to spot anything that ‘doesn’t feel right’.

A Guide to the new roof customer

This roof guide is meant to complement your research and expand your knowledge database. It is intended for that new customer in the market that is not sure what questions to ask or what points to check. We  address common questions / topics such as  ” whether to repair or replace a roof? “, ” how to spot problems on the roof “ or a quick check list on what you should be looking for when hiring a roofing contractor.

What to expect

We are building this guide slowly, to make sure we get you relevant content that will be worth your time.  If there is a subject or topic that you would like us to add or if you need an answer to a question – please feel free to contact us over the phone or e-mail, and we will be happy to assist you

On the meantime, enjoy the roof guide!