Cedar Shake Roofing

A proven choice

Cedar shake and shingle roofs have long been tested, and approved, as being highly wind  and weather resistant. As far back as 1952, the CSSB (Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau) conducted tests at the University of Wichita. At that time, the strongest wind that could be artificially produced was generated by an airplane engine reaching a wind speed of 220 kph – this by far surpasses any wind that we might experience in Calgary. All the CSSB member products withstood that wind speed and passed the test.

Cedar roofs will endure extreme weather situations, including heavy snow and hail storms. Even in cases of hail depressions these shakes will recover without affecting the service life of the roof thanks to the natural resiliency of the wood fibers. The same resiliency and strength will help insulate your home, preventing the loss of cold air in the summer and the loss of hot air in the winter. Besides it’s physical properties, it’s biological properties help as well – cedar wood contains long lasting natural oils that prevent rot. Further, cedar roofing leaves more airflow around the shingles, preventing mold growth.

Under normal conditions, you can expect your cedar roof to last anywhere between 20 to 50 years.

Certi-Label™ Green Products

The warmth and beauty of a natural cedar shake goes beyond enhancing the appearance of your home. It reflects pride of ownership and, most importantly, it shows an intelligent sense of value. No matter where you live, or how harsh the climate, a cedar shake roof will be as durable as it is beautiful. Cedar’s natural versatility makes it ideal for your home. Cedar is a product that has provided a classic look for close to a century in Southern Alberta.

Cedar shakes from Calgary Elite Roofing are a beautiful and sustainable product monitored and produced through responsible environmental practices.   We only supply cedar products that meet the highest standard of responsible forestry practices. A newly installed cedar roof, when done by experienced professionals, is an extremely beautiful piece of work.