An Endless Selection of roofing products and styles

At Calgary Elite Roofing we carry all types and styles of roof products compatible with the Calgary and Southern Alberta weather. Having a wide range of roof products and the skill set to install or repair different roof styles allow us to work with almost any project and budget. Thus, guaranteeing you the best value and craftsmanship around Southern Alberta for your new roof project.

Below we list the most popular roofing materials being installed in Calgary and Southern Alberta:

Asphalt Shingles

Beautiful and affordable. Asphalt shingles looks great on your roof. On average in Calgary and North America –  four out of five homes are protected by asphalt shingles. Whether it’s the array of colors and beautiful styles that you are looking for, or the durability and performance that asphalt shingles provide to your home. An asphalt roof repair or roof replacement tend to be low in price compared to other roofing solutions.

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Rubber Shingles

Eco Friendly and Super Resistant. This type of roof will bring a high level of class and elegance to your home at a price that you will not believe. All of our Rubber Shingles are certified Eco Friendly Green Roofing products made from up to 95% recycled materials.

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Cedar Shakes

Stand-out from the crowd. Cedar Shakes (or Shingles ) are a true designer product and a beautiful choice for a new roof. The warmth and beauty of a natural cedar shake goes beyond enhancing the appearance of your home. It reflects a true pride of ownership.

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Clay / Concrete Tiles

Timeless Style.  Quality, durability, long life, and varied styles are some of the many advantages that comes with selecting a concrete or clay tile roof. Often lasting the house a life time, concrete & clay tiles provide an ultimate long term roofing solution.

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How will your new roof look?

The options are endless when it comes to your roof and Calgary Elite Roofing. From asphalt tiles to cedar shakes and rubber shingles we have the widest selection possible that will sure fit your style and budget. The easiest way of course is to give us a call and present to you the most relevant choices for your home:

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